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“Showing Up” Through the Holidays

Counseling Services, Self Care

I was thinking about how much I love the holidays but also the pressure and stress involved too. There are a lot of “shoulds” over the holidays…attending parties, buying gifts, sending holiday cards, some family members encouraging you to eat or drink more than you want to, and the list goes on.

In addition, there are the dynamics with family members that get amplified during visits or gatherings. Brene Brown, PhD who studies shame and vulnerability, says that we all have a choice in life whether to put our true selves out there or hide behind our fears.

What would “showing up” as your True Self look like over the holidays? Possibly, it means selectively choosing the parties or events to attend. Increasing your mindfulness and slowing down as things become more stressful is another option.

Can you be true to yourself and say no to that family member when she is attempting to fill your glass or plate again? I encourage you to take a few minutes and reflect on what would be different if you were your True Self this year and how you will feel when you reflect back on the 2015 holidays.

I think it’s courageous and brave to be true to yourself, especially during the holiday season. I also don’t think it’s easy! So, be kind to yourself and recognize that this is a process.

Ask a friend if they want to attempt this challenge with you and then lean on each other for cheerleading as needed. Please know I’m here along with the Therapy With Heart therapists to support you too!

Contact us today and let’s get you started on your True Self path for the holidays!

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