Therapy With Heart is continuing to provide the therapy services that focus on relationships and healing. This includes providing psychotherapy sessions for couples, individuals, and adolescents/families via telehealth or in-person in the office. To schedule an appointment call (480) 888-5380 or email

Meet the team that's ready to help you

Therapy With Heart has an exceptional team of skilled therapists with a variety of backgrounds and expertise to serve you. We have interns who are students working towards their degree in Marriage and Family Therapy, Associates who are therapists who have received their graduate degree in Marriage and Family Therapy and are working towards their state licensure under clinical supervision, and Independently Licensed Marriage and Family Therapists. All therapists at Therapy With Heart have a solid training in attachment and Emotionally Focused Therapy.

Rachel Thomas

Couples, Grief, Infertility, Supervision/Consultation/Training in EFT

Specializes in: Couples, Grief, Infertility, Supervision/Consultation in EFT

Michelle Hildt


Specializes in: Couples, Parenting, LGBTQ, EMDR and Trauma

Bonnie Lewis

LMFT, Supervisor, Clinical Director and Certified EFT Therapist

Specializes in: Couples, Premarital, Dating, EMDR, Trauma, LGBTQ

Tara Verhagen


Specializes in: Parenting, Couples, Family Therapy

Nicole Rizkallah


Specializes in: Couples Therapy, EMDR/Trauma, and Adolescent/Family Therapy

Dr. Lea Barber, PhD


Specializes In: Couples, Trauma, and Poly/Non-monogamous Relationships

Shannon Steinhilber


Specializes in:
 Couples Therapy, Sports Therapy, Medical Family Therapy

Matthew Benson


Specializes in: Couples Therapy, Sex Therapy, Trauma, Parenting, and LGBTQ+ concerns.

Shannon Mandadi


Specializes in: Couples and Grief/ Loss

Raquel Daniels


Specializes in: Couples and Individuals, Anxiety, Sexual Intimacy

Rebecca Tofield


Specializes in: Couples, Anxiety, EMDR, Family Therapy, Grief and Loss, Parenting, Trauma, Sex Therapy

Michael Tugendhat


Specializes in: Couples and Individual Therapy, Anxiety, Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder (OCD), Brainspotting

Jessica Watts


Specializes in: Perinatal Mental Health, Couples, Trauma, Teens, Family, Grief/Loss, Neurodiversity, Reparenting

Samuel Kang


Specializes in: Individuals, Couples, and Families

Lucille Vaccarelli


Specializes in: Couples, Dating, Individuals, Anxiety & LGBTQ+

Shannon Worle

MFT Intern

Specializes in Couples, Individuals and Families

Sofia Cobos

MFT Intern

Specializes in Individuals, Couples, Families, Intercultural Relationships, Immigration Challenges & Anxiety