Therapy With Heart is continuing to provide the therapy services that focus on relationships and healing. We are currently providing accommodations to temporarily provide psychotherapy sessions (couples, individuals, and family) by telehealth (video and phone) as an option during this time of the COVID-19 pandemic. We understand that this situation has put incredible stress on people and relationships and we are grateful to continue offering high quality and effective therapy. To schedule an appointment call (480) 888-5380 or email

Meet the team that's ready to help you

Therapy With Heart has an exceptional team of skilled therapists with a variety of backgrounds and expertise to serve you. We have interns who are students working towards their degree in Marriage and Family Therapy, Associates who are therapists who have received their graduate degree in Marriage and Family Therapy and are working towards their state licensure under clinical supervision, and Independently Licensed Marriage and Family Therapists. All therapists at Therapy With Heart have a solid training in attachment and Emotionally Focused Therapy.

Carrie Hunt


Specializes in:Couples, Sex Therapy, and Adolescents/Family

Raquel DeLuccia


Couples, Sex/Intimacy, EMDR, and Divorce

Melanie Minich


Specializes in: Couples, Sex Therapy, and Adolescent/Family Therapy

Jordan Canady


Specializes in: Couples, Adolescents/Families, and Trauma

Kelsey Riddle


Specializes in: Couples, LGBTQ, EDMR

Bonnie Lewis

LMFT, Supervisor and Clinical Director

Specializes in: Couples, Premarital, Dating, EMDR, Trauma, LGBTQ

Rae Freidus


Specializes in: Dating, Couples, LGBTQ

Michelle Hildt


Specializes in: Couples, Parenting, LGBTQ

Nick Puchalski


Specializes in: Couples, Adolescents/families, Trauma

Sophia Sims


Specializes in: Couples, LGBTQ and Stress/Trauma

Located in Tucson

Tara Verhagen


Specializes in: Parenting, Couples, Family Therapy

Rachel Thomas

Owner, Certified EFT Therapist and Supervisor

Specializes in: Couples, Grief, Infertility Certified EFT Therapist