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Why Validation Matters

Thoughts to Ponder

Is wanting validation from others a sign of weakness? Yes, and that’s not a bad thing. When we validate someone, we make them stronger. In fact, the words “valid” and “value” come from the same Latin root “valere,” or what we now call “valor,” which means be strong. Understanding validation is so important because it communicates that who the other...

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Where Is My Mind?


Neuroscientist Dan Siegel defines the mind as an embodied, relational, self-organizing entity that processes and regulates the flow of information and energy. This means that the mind is not simply the brain or brain activity—the mind is connected to the entire body. EMBODIED Mindfulness is key to deepening self-awareness, acceptance, and emotional regulation. There is a pre-sensing activity of being...

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Dadda Loves Me Even When I Am Sad


My toddler loves to pretend everything is a choo-choo train, play with firetruck toys, and wave at the garbage collector. However, sometimes, it seems like his favorite activity of all is to throw tantrums! Especially during transitions, he will kick, scream, and cry. My wife and I have tried so many different strategies to help him. The other day, I...

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The Neuroscience of Trauma

Counseling Services , EMDR

The word trauma is thrown around quite a bit these days. We think we know it when we see it, but defining it is a harder. However, recent advances in neuroscience help us to understand what’s happening in the brain during trauma, and to distinguish trauma from anxiety and depression, which are often related. And while we’re only at the...

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Ready or Not

Counseling Services , EMDR , Therapy Specialties

I’m a huge fan of the show Ted Lasso and in this latest season Ted recognizes that he needs the support and guidance of the psychologist Dr. Sharon Fieldstone. In this short clip, he shows the vulnerability of feeling the need for help and the fear of “going there” at the same time and within minutes, leaves the room.

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