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Insurance Verification Form for Therapy Benefits Why Verify Your Therapy Insurance Benefits? A common question we are asked at Therapy With Heart is, “how do I know if my insurance covers therapy?” Understanding your insurance coverage for mental health services

When there is a lull in the intimacy department what I hear most often from couples if I suggest scheduling sex is they do not want to do it. When people think of scheduling sex, I think the first words

As a 5 foot 6 inch theater kid, I never quite fit the traditional mold of masculinity. In the attached photo from my high school choir, you can spot me in bright red, donning my mom’s slippers. The women in

EMDR has been garnering significant attention lately, yet understanding its core principles can still be a challenge. In this blog post, our aim is to demystify EMDR therapy, shedding light on its true nature while dispelling common misconceptions. The unknown