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We enter our defenses whenever we sense conflict is about to start, after we have made meaning about an interaction, and mostly the entire time a conflict cycle is occurring. Our defenses also demonstrate what our cycle looks like with

The journey to adulthood is paved with countless moments of childhood.  In a child we see innocence, wonder, hope, and unknowing dependency. Oftentimes, in reflecting on our childhood, we find precious memories of meaning coupled with aches of desires unfulfilled

Validation from others helps us feel understood and safe. Validating different parts of ourselves – especially the parts we are ashamed of – helps to align our goals and gain self-assuredness. I was out with my toddler son when he

Is wanting validation from others a sign of weakness? Yes, and that’s not a bad thing. When we validate someone, we make them stronger. In fact, the words “valid” and “value” come from the same Latin root “valere,” or what