Grief and Loss Therapy

Grief counseling can be helpful to support individuals or families navigating the loss of a loved one. There are many aspects to grief and the changes that can occur that are unique for each person.

Find Your Support

If you have lost a loved one you might have a number of unresolved questions, or wonder how you can move forward living without your loved one.

Grief is a normal process after a death but how you heal can at times get complicated..

Grief Therapy Can Help

  • Allow a space to navigate the painful emotions that come with grief and loss that are unique to you
  • Explore regrets or guilt and find ways to heal and forgive
  • Find tools to help in the day to day grief process so you don’t feel “stuck”
  • Provide education on the normal grieving process
  • Provide create, expressive, interactive ways to help children/adolescents grieve and heal
  • Create a new connection with your loved one

Providing Grief Therapy for:

The death of a parent, spouse, partner, child or friend

The ending of a significant relationship with a spouse or partner

Infertility and/or miscarriage

Death of a pet

Changes in health and ability with yourself and/or a partner

Loss or change in job or career

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