Meet Ciara Schmalfeld

MFT Intern

About Ciara

Ciara is a dedicated Marriage and Family Therapy intern pursuing her master’s degree at Capella University. Her journey is shaped by a diverse background, travels, and a deep commitment to understanding and supporting others.

Having traveled extensively, Ciara possesses a profound understanding of diverse cultures, religions, and perspectives. These enriching experiences have not only broadened her worldview but have also cultivated a deep appreciation for the intricacies that contribute to individual, couple, and familial dynamics. Pairing that with her experiences in owning a business has heightened her awareness of the complex dynamics within relationships and the efforts to achieve work/life balance.

Ciara is particularly drawn to Emotionally Focused Therapy (EFT), having completed an externship in this evidence-based approach. EFT resonates with her empathic nature, allowing her to connect deeply with individuals, couples, and families as they navigate, achieving emotional well-being and fostering connections that endure.


Therapy With Heart

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Always eager to expand her knowledge, Ciara actively seeks learning opportunities and embraces new experiences and fresh perspectives. Her goal as an intern is to create a collaborative, safe, and supportive space for clients, assisting them in exploring and strengthening their lives and relationships.

Ciara works under the direct supervision of Michelle Hildt, LMFT, and Rachel Thomas, LMFT.