Sex & Intimacy Couples Therapy

Sex therapy is a form of therapy that addresses the relational, cognitive, emotional, physical and psycho-social factors influencing one’s sexual experience. No sexual activity or sexual surrogacy is performed during sex therapy. A Sex Therapist is a licensed mental health therapist with extensive and very specialized training in treating clients with sexual concerns. 

Restoring Relationship Intimacy

Sex Therapists have a vast sexual education and therefore have an expanded awareness of sexuality that surpasses personal opinions and cultural narratives. Our therapists are trained specifically in supporting couples around relational intimacy and sexual connection. Our goal is to help the two of you feel safe to discuss your sexual concerns without judgment, embarrassment or shame.

Creating a safe setting where you can discuss your sexual concerns without judgment, embarrassment or shame is essential in Sex Therapy..

Start at the Beginning

Your process begins with a thorough assessment that includes a sexual history. Following this assessment, you will create a meaningful treatment plan with specific goals for your therapy.

We can help with:

Low Libido

Mismatched Desire

Incompatible Sexual Styles

Sexual Pain

Erectile Challenges

Early Ejaculation

Depression & Anxiety Associated with Sex

Emotional Intimacy and Couples Communication

Body Image

Sexual Inhibitions

Alternative Relationship Styles

LGBTQ Concerns

Aging and Sexuality

Sexual Abuse Recovery & Reclaiming Sexuality

Problematic Sexual Behaviors

Internal Erotic Conflicts

Compulsive Sexuality

Bridging Spirituality and Sexuality

Low Sexual Confidence

Sexless or Low Sex Relationships

Postpartum/Parenting & Sexuality

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