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Sex Therapy


Sex Therapy

Sex therapy is a form of talk therapy that addresses the relational, cognitive, emotional, physical and psycho-social factors influencing one’s sexual experience. No sexual activity or sexual surrogacy is performed during sex therapy. A Sex Therapist is a licensed psychotherapist with extensive and very specialized training in treating clients with sexual concerns. Sex Therapists have a vast sexual education and therefore have an expanded awareness of sexuality that surpasses personal opinions and cultural narratives.

Creating a safe setting where you can discuss your sexual concerns without judgment, embarrassment or shame is essential in Sex Therapy.

Your process begins with a thorough assessment that includes a sexual history. Following this assessment, you will create a meaningful treatment plan with specific goals for your therapy.

Some of the more common sexual concerns treated in Sex Therapy include:

-Low Libido
-Mismatched Desire
-Incompatible Sexual Styles
-Sexual Pain
-Erectile Challenges
-Early Ejaculation
-Depression & Anxiety Associated with Sex
-Emotional Intimacy and Couples Communication
-Body Image
-Sexual Inhibitions
-Alternative Relationship Styles
-LGBTQ Concerns
-Aging and Sexuality
-Sexual Abuse Recovery & Reclaiming Sexuality
-Problematic Sexual Behaviors
-Internal Erotic Conflicts
-Compulsive Sexuality
-Bridging Spirituality and Sexuality
-Low Sexual Confidence
-Sexless or Low Sex Relationships
-Postpartum/Parenting & Sexuality

Therapy With Heart Can Help

Women and men experiencing sexual discord often experience depression, anxiety, relational problems and diminished self-esteem. If you are in need of assistance or support with a sexual/relational concern don't hesitate to reach out.


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