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Insurance Verification Form for Therapy Benefits Why Verify Your Therapy Insurance Benefits? A common question we are asked at Therapy With Heart is, “how do I know if my insurance covers therapy?” Understanding your insurance coverage for mental health services

As a parent, I’m always trying to find ways to connect with my teenagers and so I decided to start using the app BeReal with them. BeReal will daily, at any time of day, notify you that it’s time to “be real”.

Self-compassion is such a gift we can give ourselves. But what does it mean to be self-compassionate? Compassion means “to suffer together.” When we see someone suffering, we are moved by their suffering and want to alleviate it for them.

Talking about sex, in movies and television it never seems to happen where couples talk before, during, or after engaging in sexual activities. Even during a first time hook up, the partners on screen seem to already know exactly what