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Self Care

Not a big fan…this might be a little surprising since people often think that therapists are more calm and grounded. Not this one! I’m going to be vulnerable here and share that I am very balanced and centered in therapy, but not always in my own life. I am writing this for you to know you aren’t alone. Let’s manage the uncertainty of life together, because as we know, change is a given and with that means at times, living with uncertainty.

Here are some tools I’m currently using to manage my own uncertainty:

  • Gratitude: the more you can focus on the areas of your life you are grateful for, the calmer you feel.
  • Breathe: the breathe once again brings us back to the present moment which is really all we know for sure.
  • Data: when in a place of uncertainty, review the data. That might mean the bank account, the reality versus the imagined future, the details surrounding the uncertainty. Take a real assessment and then make a plan from there.
  • Control: we control things to manage our anxiety. Uncertainty often includes a bit of fear of the unknown. Focus on the things you can control such as taking care of yourself, practicing self compassion, and creating change in areas that are within our control.
  • Trust: when you can trust your God, your faith, your Self, you will feel more hopeful in embracing the uncertainty of the present moment.
  • Get Outside: this is my personal favorite. I just feel happier, calmer, and have more faith when I breathe in fresh air, when I feel the sun or watch the sunrise or set, and when my feet touch the earth. Try it!

Wow, just writing this has helped me return to a sense of faith, trust, and hope as I venture into multiple areas of transition and uncertainty in my life. If you are also facing uncertainty, you can be confident that this will not be your last time, so practice the above coping skills and see if it helps you too!

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