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Loss In Different Forms

Counseling Services, Grief and Loss

Whether it’s the death of a loved one or loss in the form of change in our life (divorce, move, job changes…), all of us will endure grief and loss in our lifetime. How we experience the loss is unique. We need people around us who will accept our ways of grieving.

Some need to express anger, others have a tendency to withdraw, there may be a need to cry and talk it through, some want a hug, and at times we may need all of the above in the grief journey. It can be hard to understand why someone grieves in their own way, which may translate to missed opportunities of connection.

When I began watching the World Cup this summer, I didn’t expect it to be an opportunity to witness various expressions of loss. I watched the first games at home with my seven year old who is a budding soccer player, sitting in awe at the talent.

Then, I was blessed to witness the collective energy and joy that emanated through the entire town when I was in Costa Rica and they won a game. I saw the grumpy, sad employees in the airport as the US lost their game. But nothing compares to watching how Brazil experienced incredible loss when they played Germany. As I observed the tears streaming down faces in the stadium and a boy shake off an attempt of physical comfort from an adult, I reflected on my experiences working through various loss with clients and all the different ways of coping.

I believe that we can hold acceptance for our friends, loved ones, and community as we all walk through this life, with its successes, celebrations, losses and challenges. Each one of us has a unique form of coping. If we can honor these differences, imagine the new collective energy that will build as a result!

If you or someone you know is dealing with loss and would like to speak to us for help in a safe and accepting environment, please contact us today to schedule your appointment. Therapy with Heart will give you the tools for healthy healing.

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