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Do You “Deserve” A Vacation?

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This summer has been hotter than hot in Phoenix and a lot of people are getting out of the heat and traveling to various places across the world. As I encourage and support everyone else and their expeditions, I have to consider what is my own hesitation to claim time away.

I can give you a dozen different reasons, including wanting to be available for my clients, feeling guilty for leaving the kids, the financial expense, and on and on. I decided to challenge my old beliefs that no longer serve me as I embarked on a decade birthday this year. So, I am walking the talk that I share with clients. Choose YOU so you can be there for others.

In my heart, I believe that every single one of us, including myself, deserves, and actually NEEDS a vacation and time away! When we remove ourselves from our day to day world, we have opportunities to gain perspective and make life examinations that often cannot occur in the daily routine. We can rest, truly rest and rejuvenate.

So here I go with a big smile, grinning from the inside out! Whether it be your beliefs about vacations or self care in general, maybe you can embark on self time for you.

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