Cultivating Self-Compassion

Self-compassion is such a gift we can give ourselves. But what does it mean to be self-compassionate? Compassion means “to suffer together.” When we see someone suffering, we are moved by their suffering and want to alleviate it for them. And yet somehow it continuously feels so challenging, even impossible at times, to turn some […]

The Power Music Has on Your Mental Health

I can hear a song and it will catapult me right back to that moment in my childhood.  When I hear the 1990 Sinead O’Conner’s hit, “Nothing Compares 2 U” it brings me to my experience with my best friend in high school. We thought it was amazing that whenever we were together the song […]

Protecting Your Mental Health During the Holidays

The “most wonderful time of the year” is full of so many expectations—those we place on ourselves, and those placed on us by others. We eagerly anticipate the break from work and the delights that await us, but—as I’m sure we can almost all attest to—it doesn’t take much during the holidays for our mental […]

Do You Hate Being Asked, “How Does That Make You Feel?”

I can’t think of one person who likes being asked that question. There’s something inherently off putting about being asked—“how does that make you feel?”—articulated with a tone spoken to with young children. One of my clients requested of me during our first session together never to ask him that question—and I could relate. As […]

Confessions On My Self Compassion During COVID19

Self Compassion is something I have worked on within myself and with my clients for many years now. This is not an easy area for me as I have been challenging and critical of myself for many years. I was running the other day to get some fresh air and clear my mind on an […]

Human Connection In The Midst Of Social Distancing

In a time when social-distancing and avoiding others at all costs has become mandatory, how do we stay connected? Stay human? It seems that everywhere I look I see some reminder of the dreaded COVID-19 virus; not that working from home isn’t a constant reminder itself. There is nearly 24/7 coverage on the news stations, […]

Adapting to our “New Normal”: Coping with the COVID-19 Pandemic

If I had gone to sleep two weeks ago and woken up today, I would not believe my eyes. Sadly, I’ve been awake this whole time, yet I’m still shocked by what I see. Our new world seems surreal, and almost resembles that of a horror movie during a zombie apocalypse. It is a world […]


I’m on vacation with my kids and friends on the central coast of California. I have rarely looked at my phone, checked my email or worried about chores or work to do. In fact, we have chosen to have almost no particular schedule at all and that freedom and flexibility has felt amazing. When we […]

Blankie and Grief

My daughter Grace lost “Blankie.”  It was my blanket that I had as a little girl that I saved and gave to her when she was born.  The one she has to take on every trip and sleep with every night tucked under its silky ivory, low on fluff with tattered edges from all its […]

Parenting: The Art of Letting Go

I recently said goodbye to my two daughters. One is studying abroad in a country far away that has limited Wi-Fi, political unrest, and a culture far different than what she is accustomed to. The other moved across the country to pursue her career and embark on a new adventure.   Both good-byes, though different, felt […]