Couples Therapy Packages

Hold Me Tight® for couples, developed by Dr. Sue Johnson, utilizes principles from Emotionally Focused Couples Therapy (EFT), providing new relationship tools, opportunities to practice communicating in a new way, with assistance in getting stronger in your relationship.

Over the past 30 years, extensive research has proven that EFT works. Studies show that EFT moves couples from distress to recovery in 70-75% of cases and 90% of couples report significant improvement in their relationship. EFT gets right to the heart of the matter. Partners feel more secure and accepted by each other. Communication improves and increases in problem solving.

Because each couple has their unique needs and time availability, Therapy with Heart offers three Couples Therapy Packages using EFT principles:

  1. Customized Couples Workshop
  2. Intensive Couples Therapy
  3. Premarital or Relationship Building Couples Therapy

A. Hold Me Tight®

Occasional conflicts and discussions are a normal, natural part of intimate relationships and usually not a problem as long as we are able to repair our bond with each other.

In a pleasant and supportive environment you will start to recognize the dynamics in your relationship which lead to conflict, repair your bond together and share what really matters to you so you can make a loving and intimate connection. Videos from real-life couples will be shown and you will practice together with your partner. This is a psycho-educational workshop, sharing in the group happens only voluntary.
Learn to:

  • create more safety and trust in your relationship
  • repair hurts in your relationship and restore mutual affection
  • share what really matters to you without resulting in conflict
  • connect to each other and become emotionally and physically closer
  • understand each other better



January 26th and 27th
March 2nd and 3rd
May 4th and 5th
June 15th and 16th
August 24th and 25th
October 5th and 6th
November 2nd and 3rd
December 7th and 8th

Facilitated by a Therapy With Heart Therapist with advanced EFT training and expertise

Cost: $595

This workshop is offered Fridays 9-5 and Saturday’s 9-3:00 on a regular basis. Contact us to register for the next workshop!

B. Intensive Couples Therapy

Intensive Couples EFT is for couples who want to meet for blocks of time instead of the typical weekly, therapy hour format. This program is an opportunity for couples to get deep in the therapy process and make changes quickly that can last a lifetime. The goal is to transform negative patterns that undermine your personal and relationship potential, into positive patterns that bring you closeness, healing and happiness.
We can focus on special issues and conflicts in an Intensive such as:

  • Communication and Conflict Repair
  • Intimacy and Connection
  • Emotional Closeness and Passion
  • Affair Recovery
  • Infidelity Disclosure
  • Sexual Desire Issues
  • Trauma and PTSD Recovery
  • Create your Own Intensive – Set your own Intentions

This program is especially useful for couples

  • with a work schedule or childcare that makes it a challenge to meet on a weekly basis
  • considering divorce or separation
  • recovering from infidelity
  • who live far away from highly skilled marriage counselors
  • where one partner is often traveling
  • who live in separate areas of the country
  • in transition

This program is 6-8 hours but can be extended if desired. The couple and therapist will work together to find blocks of time over a week time to meet. One day, two days or a weekend are all available in this program. After your initial couple’s therapy intensive, a decision can be made to move forward with more intensive therapy or to move to a weekly session format.

C. Premarital/Relationship Building Therapy

This package is for couples that are moving forward in their commitment to the relationship and building a future together and want support in creating that foundation of healthy communication patterns. All couples create a cycle or pattern of which over time can build a distance between you. This model really emphasizes psychoeducation and opening up conversations to ensure relationship success. Following the 5 sessions, the couple and therapist can schedule future sessions if desired.

Our EFT Expertise

Rachel Thomas, Owner and Lead Therapist at Therapy with Heart, is a Certified EFT Therapist. All therapists at Therapy with Heart are Master level clinicians who have EFT/Couples Therapy training. You will experience the benefit of direct focus on your relationship issues.

With our team you will learn to:

  • Identify the relationship “dance” that prevents you from feeling close.
  • Learn how to be more open, attuned, and responsive to each other.
  • Develop a loving, supportive companionship.
  • Take the blame out of the relationship.
  • Repair rifts: forgiving and rebuilding trust.

In addition to practice with your partner, you will see how other couples in the Hold Me Tight®: Conversations for Connection DVD learned to step out of negative cycles and create a lifetime of love.

Contact or (480) 888-5380 for more information.

Please note that “Hold Me Tight®” is a registered trademark to Sue Johnson.