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You Know The Answers!

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I was on a trail run with my friend last weekend discussing how this time of year is our absolute favorite. The shorter days, cool mornings and nights, and our desert plants and greenery from the monsoons seem to bring joy and gratitude.

With the new fall season I also found myself reflecting on the various questions and possibilities in my life at this time. I had an urge to ask my friend to tell me what she thought was best for me but I stopped myself (if I’m really being honest, it’s because I was struggling to breathe while heading up a mountain!).

I decided to hold off on asking for her advice and the next day chose to sit quietly and see what happens inside my body and mind. Within those moments, sitting and holding the questions, a stillness came over me, a clarity. The truth is, I do know the answers when I quiet my head talk and and look inward to what my heart tells me. I will always be one to ask multiple people their opinions and hear their expertise, feedback, and thoughts. I take it all in, but ultimately look inside to reflect on what my truth is.

I find that my clients also receive their answers when they allow the space to “be” and reflect on their own truth. As we explore possibilities and options collaboratively, it becomes clear what is “right”. It’s a beautiful process to witness and I hope you will empower yourself to look within for your answers too and do contact us if we can help you in any way.

If you know someone who would benefit from this post, we appreciate you sharing it and passing it along. You never know how that simple act of kindness might help someone find their own answers within themselves.

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