The Power of Physical Touch

I have a soul connection with my 10-year-old son, Zachary. When I was little, instead of naming my Ken doll (of Ken and Barbie) “Ken” I always said “Zachary”. I always knew I wanted to name my son, Zachary. Then in 2007, here comes this sweet, smiling, happy baby boy. Of his 10 years, that […]

Communication Tips

Communication is essential in all relationships but can also be very intimidating because there is a risk of miscommunicating, feeling rejected, conflict, or being shut down/dismissed. Some of us may have even received messages that it is not ok, or not safe, to communicate with parents, family members, significant others. Communication is necessary to build […]

I Want Couples Therapy but my Partner Doesn’t!

It is not unusual for one partner to feel the need to go see a couples therapist and the other to resist. I get it! My husband and I took the Hold Me Tight Couples Workshop a few years ago and I definitely found myself initially saying, “No, we are fine. We don’t need it.” […]