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5 Signs That Let You Know When To Call Therapy With Heart

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I was thinking out loud with my daughter, who is almost 10 years old about what I was going to write about this month and she said, “why don’t you tell people when they should go to therapy?” I asked her to share her thoughts and she responded with “when someone is really upset and needs a place to go to talk”. I loved her wisdom and decided to develop this topic further. Here are 5 signs that let you know when it’s time to call Therapy With Heart:

  1. You recognize that you are critical of yourself and you struggle with self-compassion.
    From a place of understanding, therapy can help move you into self-compassion and acceptance.
  2. You and your partner have gotten into a rut and are disconnected.
    We work from an approach called Emotionally Focused Couples Therapy, which will help create honest conversations to build a healthy interdependence and connection. We work with couples through affairs, high conflict, sexual concerns, and the common complaint, “we are just roommates”.
  3. You have attempted to create change in your life but continue the same patterns and struggles.
    Therapy creates a new way of approaching situations and relationships.
  4. You have an adolescent that you are concerned about.
    Yes, this is a normal part of parenting, but it can be helpful to have a therapist that specializes with teens to help walk through this journey with your family.
  5. You have lost a loved one and people are telling you “it’s time move on” from your grief and loss.
    Grieving is a natural reaction to the loss. Therapy can be beneficial when we get “stuck” in our feelings of guilt, regret, and the sadness which can shift into a more clinical depression. We have a unique approach of creating healing and finding new ways to connect and honor your loved one.

Here at Therapy with Heart, our therapists provide a safe space for growth. Therapy with Heart is truly that…from the minute you contact us to the quality and compassion you will receive in therapy, we always come from a place of the heart. We’re standing by for your call. Contact us today!

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