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We enter our defenses whenever we sense conflict is about to start, after we have made meaning about an interaction, and mostly the entire time a conflict cycle is occurring. Our defenses also demonstrate what our cycle looks like with

In a time when social-distancing and avoiding others at all costs has become mandatory, how do we stay connected? Stay human? It seems that everywhere I look I see some reminder of the dreaded COVID-19 virus; not that working from

I’ve changed my mind. I wasn’t a believer in online therapy but COVID 19 forced me to face this head-on. I quickly found that online therapy is not only beneficial but it’s absolutely worth it. I was concerned about the

If I had gone to sleep two weeks ago and woken up today, I would not believe my eyes. Sadly, I’ve been awake this whole time, yet I’m still shocked by what I see. Our new world seems surreal, and