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Men and Women: How Can We Connect?

Couples Counseling

At the end of our first day of the Couples Workshop, a gentleman made a comment that created a great dialogue with the group. He stated that men process things differently than women and at times that makes it challenging to connect emotionally with their partners. So true!!  Both men and women need to acknowledge and accept their differences and find ways to connect despite them. Here are some thoughts about ways for women to foster and bridge the difference for their male partners.

  1. Be Patient: Men might need more time to respond, especially in disagreements. There needs to be trust that the conversation will be revisited.
  2. Slow Down: Disconnections happen quickly so slow down and get back on the same team.
  3. Physical Touch: A hand on the shoulder, a hug, any touch can help men feel connected and that they matter.
  4. Acknowledge Effort: Men are typically taught to be problem solvers versus emotional so show gratitude for attempts to meet you in that emotional space.

I’m continually impressed by the amount of men that are initiating couples therapy and attending the couples workshops. Relationship expert, Sue Johnson, PhD states that men often want to share emotions and feelings but they don’t feel that it’s acceptable to do so. As women and partners, we need to support and encourage men to engage in a deeper, more emotional way…everyone wins!

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