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Therapy With Heart provides therapy from an approach based on the heart. We offer therapy that is safe, accepting, and compassionate to help you overcome challenges you are facing in your life and in your relationship. As relationship therapy experts, we know that life can be challenging and relationships struggle at times.

"Because of you/Therapy with Heart, the process, love, mercy, support, God, fate etc. my ability to feel peace and happiness and let the TRUE ME shine for me, My husband and others is my reality today."

"So grateful my family found Therapy With Heart. We have felt supported both as parents and as a couple and are now closer as a family as a result of working with multiple therapists on your team."

"The team at Therapy with Heart is filled with compassionate and competent therapists who are passionate about helping people find happiness in their relationships and lives. You are in fantastic hands with one of the therapists here!"

Rachel Thomas

Owner, Certified EFT Therapist and Supervisor

Specializes in: Couples, Grief, Infertility Certified EFT Therapist

Rae Freidus


Specializes in: Dating, Couples, LGBTQ

Caryn Kondo


Specializes in: Grief

Bonnie Lewis

LMFT, Supervisor and Clinical Director

Specializes in: Couples, Premarital, Dating, EMDR, Trauma, LGBTQ

Kelsey Riddle


Specializes in: Couples, LGBTQ, EDMR

Athen Fisher

LMFT, Certified EFT Therapist

Specializes in: Motherhood, Sex Therapy, Couples, LGBTQ, Postpartum Depression & Anxiety

Michelle Hildt


Specializes in: Couples, Parenting, LGBTQ

Nick Puchalski


Specializes in: Couples, Adolescents/families, Trauma

Sophia Sims


Specializes in: Couples, LGBTQ and Stress/Trauma

Located in Tucson

Tara Verhagen


Specializes in: Parenting, Couples, Family Therapy

Jennifer Rasmussen


Specializes in: Couples, Sex Addiction, Trauma

Tiffany Mooney

Client Care Coordinator

Raquel DeLuccia


Specializes In: Couples, LGBTQ, Trauma

Sara Cullumber

Client Care Coordinator

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