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What is Grief Counseling and Therapy – Grief Counseling Scottsdale Arizona

Grief and Loss, Grief Therapy for Children

Therapy with Heart cares about helping you move through your grief. We offer grief counseling and therapy in Scottsdale, Arizona. Our grief counseling in Arizona can provide you with space to heal on your grief journey. You may be left reeling after the loss of a loved one. You may have lots of questions or wonder how you can move forward living without your loved one. We understand that grief is a normal process after a death. How you heal can be a complicated process. We are here to help.

What can Therapy with Heart’s Grief Counseling in Arizona do for you?

Grief counseling can assist you in many ways. It can allow you a space to navigate the painful emotions that come with the grief and loss that is unique to you. We will help you explore regrets or guilt and help you find ways to heal and forgive yourself or your loved one (or both of you). Caryn Kondo, MSW, our grief counseling specialist, will help you find tools to help in the day to day grieving process so you don’t feel ‘stuck’. She’ll provide you with education on the normal grieving process. Children and adolescents will receive creative, expressive, and interactive ways to grieve and heal. We understand that children and adolescents have special grief counseling needs and Caryn is experienced in working with them. Finally, we can help you create a new connection with your loved one. We know that a relationship doesn’t end with death. You will find a new way to relate to and remember your loved one, one that doesn’t provide you with as much pain.

Why choose Caryn Kondo, MSW, to help with your grief counseling?

Caryn has been working with children and families on grief and bereavement for over 25 years. She specializes in grief counseling. Her primary focus is helping families manage and grow during the painful emotions associated with illness and death loss. She provides education, guidance and support for those experiencing illness, death and grief. She constantly strives to bring a sense of creativity and safety allowing children, adolescents and families to process their grief in healthy ways.

Ms. Kondo has worked with grieving families due to suicide, accidents, and illness. As part of the grief counseling, Caryn uses creative play to help young children express themselves and understand their world better. She can create a safe space for older children, adolescents, and adults to process their grief and learn from their experiences. Her interactive approach with families can enhance their ability to share their emotions and gain skills to improve their lives.

As Caryn says, “Grief is both completely unique, yet universal. I strive to create a safe place where grieving children and adults can express themselves to feel the healing take shape. We innately have the power to heal and it is an honor to support others in that journey.” Grief counseling is the way to begin the journey. Call us today at (480) 888‑5830 to begin your grief counseling journey.

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