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Meet Raquel DeLuccia,


Raquel believes that at the core of all human beings is the longing to feel seen, heard and worthy of connection. Therapy is an opportunity for a client to connect in a deeper way with themselves as well as within their relationships.

For individual therapy, Raquel seeks to bring what is unconscious, conscious and will utilize the specialized technique of EMDR (Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing) to address trauma wounds that have been ‘stuck’ or frozen within the body. These wounds impact what we believe about ourselves and how we feel both emotionally and within the body. Verbal processing is also a critical part of therapy in order to deepen one’s understanding of internal motives and beliefs about self and other. Noticing patterns and wounds that no longer serve the individual is an integral part of her therapy process.

For work with couples Raquel has advanced training and utilizes Emotionally Focused Therapy to address the negative interaction cycle that keeps couples stuck. Through an attachment lens, unmet needs and faulty perceptions are uncovered and a deeper connection, vulnerability, and healthy communication are cultivated by couples for an overall more meaningful relationship.

Raquel particularly enjoys working with sexual health and sexual intimacy issues within relationships as well as alternative, non-traditional relationships.

She is also passionate about utilizing the typology of the enneagram to understand the unique gifts and challenges within one’s personality and work toward growth and health, both individually and in relationships.

Raquel is a Licensed Associate Marriage and Family Therapist. She is a dual masters clinician, with Master’s degrees in Psychology from Adelphi University and Marriage and Family Therapy from ASU. With 14 years of clinical experience, Raquel has developed a diverse skill set working with individuals and couples from various cultural backgrounds and mental health concerns.

Couples, Sex/Intimacy, EMDR, and Divorce

Couples, Sex/Intimacy, EMDR, Non-traditional relationships

Non-traditional Relationships
Sexual health
Coping with stress
Mind/body connection
Addiction Recovery

"My role as your therapist is not to take the wheel, but to guide and encourage you to view yourself and relationship in new ways, with greater clarity and connection than when you began. I invite you to join me in this process and give yourself permission to experience personal healing and more meaningful relationships."