Hold Me Tight® Couples Workshop

Learn To

Trust, Repair and Connect

In a pleasant and supportive environment, you will start to recognize the dynamics in your relationship which lead to conflict, repair your bond together and share what really matters to you so you can make a loving and intimate connection. Videos from real-life couples will be shown and you will practice together with your partner. This is a psycho-educational workshop, sharing in the group happens only voluntary.

You will learn to…

  • Create more safety and trust in your relationship
  • Repair hurts in your relationship and restore mutual affection
  • Share what really matters to you without resulting in conflict
  • Connect to each other and become emotionally and physically closer
  • Understand each other better

Invest in your relationship

Do you feel it’s time to do something about the communication blocks and conflict in your relationship?

Upcoming Workshops

Our workshops are 14 hours of commitment to connecting. Your relationship doesn’t have to be broken in order to tend to it. This workshop is a great way to invest in having a solid relationship and help prevent continued disconnection.

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Would you like to feel more connected to your partner ?

“It was wonderful having a structure to facilitate conversations and more helpful to have incredible therapists to help guide everything.”

“The building blocks laid out were amazing. It not only identified a plan, problems or structure…it identified steps to achieve our goals and dreams.”

“I loved learning how to communicate better with my spouse and understanding his true meaning behind his words.”

“We gained the trust and understanding in our relationship that we had been trying to do for years in counseling and self help books.”

“I loved learning how to communicate better with my spouse.”

“Understanding my partner’s feelings makes it easier to resolve issues.”

Can you imagine a partnership with intimacy, acceptance and trust ?


"My favorite part about facilitating Hold Me Tight workshops is watching the couples realize the dynamics that happen between them. I love to see the relief that occurs when the blame is taken away and there is understanding of the interactions in the relationship."


"I really enjoyed teaching the Hold Me Tight workshops. It’s so fun to connect with the community and teach these skills that are so helpful in relationships. It’s such an honor to be part of these couples' lives for a weekend and see their growth. Every time I teach a workshop I feel myself taking away lessons as well that help my own relationships."


"Facilitating Hold Me Tight workshops is a great experience and very rewarding. I love helping couples learn about relationships, themselves and connection in a 'teach, show and practice' format!"


"Being able to facilitate HMT workshops is so thrilling as I get to witness first hand, couples learn how to communicate with one another in a new, tangible and connecting way. I love seeing them leave feeling empowered by the education and tools to combat their cycle on their own. It is truly an honor to be part of that!"


"I enjoy facilitating both the Singles and Couples HMT workshops. When I facilitate the Singles HMT I have the pleasure of watching participants learn about, understand, and connect with themselves, and when I facilitate the Couples HMT I have the pleasure of watching participants learn about, understand and connect with each other. It is a gift to witness growth all around."


"I am humbled by the work I see couples do during the two days of the HMT workshop. The growth they experience is exponential. As a HMT facilitator, I've witnessed couples move past old hurts and betrayals in this two day intensive, while coming out the other side with new tools and a new way of connecting with one another. I'm honored to hold the container for this intensive while witnessing the depths of vulnerability some couples only hope to experience."

Start Connecting Again

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A Message From Rachel

"I have been facilitating Hold Me Tight Workshops for years now and I have to say, each time I'm reminded at how powerful and helpful it is for couples. When my husband and I participated in one, we found that despite being together for so many years we had conversations we had never had. My hope is that all couples at various stages in their relationship will consider this psychoeducational course as a base of learning how to do relationships, emotional connection, and creating deeper bonds with their partner. I believe in it with my whole heart!"

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