Infertility…Increasing Awareness and Sensitivity

On my birthday, I reflect on my life so far. I remembered my first life choice point with my husband when we were in our late 20s, early 30’s. I was very driven and ambitious. We had done everything we needed to do in our minds to be “ready” to have children.  As the time […]

Grief: The Real Grinch Coping the Holidays

It is supposed to be a happy, jolly and merry time of year. People smiling, giving, and singing. The season of peace and goodwill. Nights full of bright and sparkling lights. But for some, it is a terrible time of year marked by sadness, longing and missing. A season of anguish and frustration. Nights filled […]


I’m on vacation with my kids and friends on the central coast of California. I have rarely looked at my phone, checked my email or worried about chores or work to do. In fact, we have chosen to have almost no particular schedule at all and that freedom and flexibility has felt amazing. When we […]

Blankie and Grief

My daughter Grace lost “Blankie.”  It was my blanket that I had as a little girl that I saved and gave to her when she was born.  The one she has to take on every trip and sleep with every night tucked under its silky ivory, low on fluff with tattered edges from all its […]

Take a Risk…Feel the Fear

Dr. Brene Brown says. “We’re all afraid. We just have to get to the point where we understand it doesn’t mean that we can’t also be brave.”   It’s interesting as a parent, witnessing my children walk through their fears. Whether it be a drum performance by my 12-year-old daughter or my 10-year-old son giving […]

Quentin Is My Teacher

I have a new co-therapist. He is my 6 month old Golden Doodle, Quentin. He is attending both individual and couples sessions. I have realized so many benefits of having Quentin in the therapy room. There is research that has proven that petting a dog can create an automatic relaxation response which reduces stress. Animals […]

Who is the right therapist for you?

I often say to potential clients, that it’s challenging enough to decide you want to see a therapist, but then navigating the process of finding the right therapist can be overwhelming. There are so many factors that go into finding your “right” therapist. Ultimately, this is going to be the person who can help you […]

Bullyproof Your Child: 3 Steps to Teach Your Child To Stand Up For Themselves

Bullying remains as one of the biggest concerns of schoolchildren today. Recent statistics have shown that more than one out of every five students report being bullied. While school-based bullying prevention programs have decreased bullying by up to 25%, there’s the fact that the Internet has also made bullying easier and crueler as a majority of teens […]

What is Grief Counseling and Therapy – Grief Counseling Scottsdale Arizona

Therapy with Heart cares about helping you move through your grief. We offer grief counseling and therapy in Scottsdale, Arizona. Our grief counseling in Arizona can provide you with space to heal on your grief journey. You may be left reeling after the loss of a loved one. You may have lots of questions or […]

Be Empathetic Instead of Placing Blame

In recent months there have been horrible tragedies. There have been terrorist attacks, natural disasters, and accidents involving children. The latest tragedy was the toddler attacked and killed by an alligator in Florida. This incident occurred at a family-friendly resort and no one thought this would happen. I initially learned of this tragedy on Facebook. […]