The Neuroscience of Trauma

The word trauma is thrown around quite a bit these days. We think we know it when we see it, but defining it is a harder. However, recent advances in neuroscience help us to understand what’s happening in the brain during trauma, and to distinguish trauma from anxiety and depression, which are often related. And […]

Ready or Not

I’m a huge fan of the show Ted Lasso and in this latest season Ted recognizes that he needs the support and guidance of the psychologist Dr. Sharon Fieldstone. In this short clip, he shows the vulnerability of feeling the need for help and the fear of “going there” at the same time and within […]

Accepting Anxiety

If you struggle with anxiety you know how debilitating, how scary, and how lonely it can be. If you have family or friends that struggle with anxiety, you know how hard it is at times to reassure, to try to help them see “logic”, and often how helpless you can feel as you watch your […]

Do You Hate Being Asked, “How Does That Make You Feel?”

I can’t think of one person who likes being asked that question. There’s something inherently off putting about being asked—“how does that make you feel?”—articulated with a tone spoken to with young children. One of my clients requested of me during our first session together never to ask him that question—and I could relate. As […]

Covid…Politics…Nah, Let’s Talk About Sex Instead!

Our Therapy With Heart team had the opportunity to learn from Sex Therapist, Jennifer Lucas Brown in October and it just inspired me to continue to open up the dialogue around what, for many, is an uncomfortable topic to discuss. Sex and intimacy is such an important part of our relationships. Research shows that although sex […]

Reactive Fear

Fear….This is a scary word that most of us do not like to talk about. Unfortunately, it is a feeling most of us are familiar with because we are all faced with uncertain situations. For me, I feel it every day. My son was born with a rare chromosome abnormality that creates complications related to […]

Human Connection In The Midst Of Social Distancing

In a time when social-distancing and avoiding others at all costs has become mandatory, how do we stay connected? Stay human? It seems that everywhere I look I see some reminder of the dreaded COVID-19 virus; not that working from home isn’t a constant reminder itself. There is nearly 24/7 coverage on the news stations, […]

The Benefits of Online Therapy – It’s Worth It

I’ve changed my mind. I wasn’t a believer in online therapy but COVID 19 forced me to face this head-on. I quickly found that online therapy is not only beneficial but it’s absolutely worth it. I was concerned about the level of emotional connection necessary for the depth to occur and have seen repeatedly that […]

How to Get the Most Out of Your Therapy Sessions

Is this your first time seeking therapy? Have you been to a therapist before and felt you did not get the support or help you were looking for? Are you currently in therapy, but question if it is even effective? If you find yourself in any of these situations, you are not alone and I […]

Rethinking Strength: The Tenacity of Tears

What does ‘being strong’ mean? Is it the ability to hold up heavy objects or the fortitude to just hold up under pressure? Whatever your definition, we need to rethink strength. When we see someone struggling we immediately assume weakness; tears equating to lack of fortitude. The assumption that ‘falling apart’ and expressing deep raw […]