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Therapist Blog

Empathy: Let Someone Know That You’re There For Them

Grief and Loss , Self Care

As both a mother and a therapist, I have the innate instinct to always want to help others. Help them communicate. Help them solve their problems. Help them through life’s obstacles. Help them better their relationship with their spouse and/or family. Over time, I realized that problem solving was not always the best road to take. Sometimes, when a loved one...

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Self Care

Not a big fan…this might be a little surprising since people often think that therapists are more calm and grounded. Not this one! I’m going to be vulnerable here and share that I am very balanced and centered in therapy, but not always in my own life. I am writing this for you to know you aren’t alone. Let’s manage...

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Therapy Outside of the Box

Couples Counseling

Who decided that a therapy hour is 50 minutes? What makes that the right amount of time to access deep emotional work and create change? The 50 minute therapy hour was originally created by Freud, who often didn't actually adhere to it and is known to have looser boundaries than most therapists today would deem ethical. There are a few...

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