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Therapy Outside of the Box

Couples Counseling

Who decided that a therapy hour is 50 minutes? What makes that the right amount of time to access deep emotional work and create change? The 50 minute therapy hour was originally created by Freud, who often didn't actually adhere to it and is known to have looser boundaries than most therapists today would deem ethical. There are a few...

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“The Un’s”

Counseling Services , EMDR

I was working with an individual client recently in an EMDR session focusing on negative beliefs about herself. She labeled these “the uns” and I asked her if I could borrow that term for this blog. I loved that she called her thoughts “the uns” and thought that so many of us can relate to this. Many of us have...

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Falling Into Mindfulness

Self Care , Uncategorized

I recently took a trip with my kiddos to visit their great grandparents in Tennessee. We traveled to a small town, a stereotypical small country town where everyone knows everyone and life is really simple. I had a lot of time for mindfulness sitting on the porch in front of their home. During this time, I engaged in mindful observation,...

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