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Communication Tips

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Communication is essential in all relationships but can also be very intimidating because there is a risk of miscommunicating, feeling rejected, conflict, or being shut down/dismissed. Some of us may have even received messages that it is not ok, or not safe, to communicate with parents, family members, significant others. Communication is necessary to build emotional connection and to allow...

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What is Grief Counseling and Therapy – Grief Counseling Scottsdale Arizona

Grief and Loss , Grief Therapy for Children

Therapy with Heart cares about helping you move through your grief. We offer grief counseling and therapy in Scottsdale, Arizona. Our grief counseling in Arizona can provide you with space to heal on your grief journey. You may be left reeling after the loss of a loved one. You may have lots of questions or wonder how you can move...

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Self Care

With the new year approaching, I hear a lot of people talking about their goals for 2017. I hear people making very specific and rigid goals like losing a specific number of pounds, saving a specific dollar amount, finding the perfect job/partner/home. I think goals are fantastic because they keep us focused and motivated. The down side is that if...

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Counseling Services

No matter what you do, you will experience burnout several times in your lifetime.  I remember being in my graduate program and this was the first time I had heard of the term “burnout”.  The professors stressed the fact that, as students, we will experience burnout during our Master’s Program, and as professionals, will experience burnout throughout our careers.  The...

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The Journey of Couple’s Therapy- Common Questions

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I recently came across the blog on Huffington Post “Timing Is Everything When It Comes To Marriage Counseling” by Terry Gaspard, LICSW and began thinking about the common questions and myths I hear in couple’s counseling. These are questions that tend to stop people from entering therapy. All couples enter therapy for different reasons and with different goals. However, these are...

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