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On “Letting it Be” : Managing Feelings for Former Partners

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“It’s not a matter of letting go- you would if you could. Instead of “Let it go” we should probably say “Let it be.” Jon Kabat-Zinn If only we could just “let it go.” If only we could control our feelings in a such a manner that we could ask them to disappear. How wonderful it would be to let...

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The Power of Physical Touch

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I have a soul connection with my 10-year-old son, Zachary. When I was little, instead of naming my Ken doll (of Ken and Barbie) “Ken” I always said “Zachary”. I always knew I wanted to name my son, Zachary. Then in 2007, here comes this sweet, smiling, happy baby boy. Of his 10 years, that smiling, happy, sweet boy is...

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Who is the right therapist for you?

Counseling Services , Couples Counseling , EMDR , Grief and Loss , Self Care , Sex Therapy , Therapy Specialties

I often say to potential clients, that it’s challenging enough to decide you want to see a therapist, but then navigating the process of finding the right therapist can be overwhelming. There are so many factors that go into finding your “right” therapist. Ultimately, this is going to be the person who can help you create change in your life...

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Can Medication and Therapy Cure Depression?

Counseling Services , Couples Counseling , Self Care

There are two ways to explain to someone what depression is. One way is by using a definition. There are tons definitions by different associations that are concerned with depression. One of them for example, is the definition by the American Psychiatric Association that defines depression as “a common and serious medical illness that negatively affects how you feel, the...

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Bullyproof Your Child: 3 Steps to Teach Your Child To Stand Up For Themselves

Grief and Loss , Grief Therapy for Children

Bullying remains as one of the biggest concerns of schoolchildren today. Recent statistics have shown that more than one out of every five students report being bullied. While school-based bullying prevention programs have decreased bullying by up to 25%, there’s the fact that the Internet has also made bullying easier and crueler as a majority of teens have experienced online threats and...

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