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Do you hate being asked, “How does that make you feel?”

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I can’t think of one person who likes being asked that question. There’s something inherently off putting about being asked—“how does that make you feel?”—articulated with a tone spoken to with young children. One of my clients requested of me during our first session together never to ask him that question—and I could relate. As a therapist who specializes in...

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Covid…Politics…Nah, Let’s Talk About Sex Instead!

Counseling Services , Couples Counseling , Sex Therapy

Our Therapy With Heart team had the opportunity to learn from Sex Therapist, Jennifer Lucas Brown in October and it just inspired me to continue to open up the dialogue around what, for many, is an uncomfortable topic to discuss. Sex and intimacy is such an important part of our relationships. Research shows that although sex is important, intimate touch such...

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LGBT History Month

Couples Counseling , LGBTQ

October marks LGBT history month.  Unlike Pride month, which celebrates the LGBTQ+ community, LGBT history month is a celebration that honors the contributions made by LGBT in the in the civil rights movement and to recognize contributions made by the LGBT community, industry, politics, the arts, and more. As we celebrate contributions made by these individuals, we also recognize landmark...

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Reactive Fear

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Fear….This is a scary word that most of us do not like to talk about. Unfortunately, it is a feeling most of us are familiar with because we are all faced with uncertain situations. For me, I feel it every day. My son was born with a rare chromosome abnormality that creates complications related to eating, breathing, hearing, and talking....

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