Caryn Kondo – MSW

Caryn is a Masters level Clinical Social Worker and has been working with children and families for 25 years. Her primary focus is helping families manage and grow during the painful emotions associated with illness and death loss. Caryn’s wide range of experience includes Child Life Specialist, medical social work, hospice and pediatric palliative care, as well as providing individual, family, and group support.

Caryn provides education, guidance and support for those experiencing illness, death and grief. She constantly strives to bring a sense of creativity and safety allowing children, adolescents and families to process their grief in healthy ways. She has worked with grieving families due to suicide, accidents and illness. Caryn uses therapeutic play to help young children express themselves and understand their world better. She creates a safe space for older children and adolescents to process their grief and learn from their experiences. Her interactive approach with families enhances their ability to share emotions and gain skills to improve their lives.

Caryn is also the Clinical Director at The New Song Center for Grieving Children. She has been involved with this program since 1997. The New Song Center is a program of Hospice of the Valley providing support groups for grieving children and families throughout the Valley. Caryn is closely connected with Phoenix Children’s Hospital Pediatric Palliative Care Program. Her committee role has been to provide guidance, bereavement support and education. Caryn is passionate about educating professionals and students regarding children and families grief issues. She has made numerous presentations on the topic and has supervised Arizona State University social work students for the past eight years.

Caryn’s primary goal and passion is to assist children and families as they move forward with grace and remembrance by empowering individuals to grow and gain acceptance at their own pace.

“Grief is both completely unique, yet universal. I strive to create a safe place where grieving children and adults can express themselves to feel the healing take shape. We innately have the power to heal and it is an honor to support others in that journey.” –Caryn Kondo

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“I strive to create a safe place where grieving children and adults can express themselves to feel the healing take shape.”